Audio playback at wrong speed

Okay, I’m having this strange issue that I can’t really resolve:

Sometimes when I play music (using the musicbox-webclient or an android mdp client, so I guess it’s a server sided issue) from my local librarys browse->files section, the playback speed changes with a new song.
So, the song I started playes normal, and the next one is too slow. (or too fast) The playback speed stays like this until I manually replay any song. I sadly can’t provide any exact steps to reproduce this error. When I re-play the song (by going 1 back and 1 forward again or clicking the song) the speed is back to normal again.

Oh, and the mopidy server is running on a raspberry pi 3 without overclocking. The songs are playing from an external HDD attached via usb. There is (I guess) enough free ram, so I don’t think thats the issue. I honestly don’t have a clue. I’ll wait for answers here before I (maybe) report this on github.

Is anybody having the same issue? I’d really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

I’ve got no idea, but does it happen with MP3, wav, FLAC? All file types or just one? What is the output device? Does it consistently do this or does it feel random? If you queue up the same material twice, does it fail the same way each time?
Do you have a spare SD card you can build on to try to narrow down the issue? The software that does the heavy lifting for playing back audio files is gstreamer. If googling for a solution perhaps try omitting the term PiMusicBox and putting in gstreamer instead.

For anyone reading this at a later point in time, the corresponding GitHub issue is here: