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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mopidy-InternetArchive 2.0.0

[Cross-posted from!topic/mopidy/J1_sAL-fJLM, since this may actually reach more people here.]

Mopidy-InternetArchive is a Mopidy extension for playing music and audio from the Internet Archive.

This extension lets you search for and stream recordings ranging from alternative news programming, to Grateful Dead concerts, to Old Time Radio shows, to book and poetry readings, to original music uploaded by Internet Archive users. It also gives you access to a vast number of high-quality live recordings from the Live Music Archive, and thousands of free audio books from the LibriVox collection.

This release follows a major redesign of the Web site and some changes to the Internet Archive’s meta data model, especially with regard to user bookmarks (now called “Archive Favorites”). It also introduces “browse views”, which let you browse collections using different sorting criteria.

Mopidy-InternetArchive is available from PyPi, documentation can be found on Read the Docs, and source code is available on GitHub.



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