Advice on Pure Chronos upcycling project wanted


I’m trying to upcycle a Pure Chronos CD player with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 music player. After some hacking I can use the 14 existing buttons BUT they appear as IR signals which I can decode on the RP. There is also a rotary encoder with standard A/B connections I will have to read via 2 GPIO pins. At a later date I may also add RFID tags to use as ‘presets’ for music selection.

Looking around I see Mopidy-Headless to filter the IR signals, but I would like to make the rotary encoder modal - i.e. when the CD player lid is open it scrolls through the playlist/albums, when closed and playing it controls the volume. Can anyone point me to an extension to get me going with a modal interface. Although I have a lifetime hacking Visual Basic under Windows, I’m a relative newbee to the Raspberry Pi and Python and Mopidy.


interesting project I like to follow.
You may interested in what I am doing with RFID:

Closed to be usable but still a lot to do.