Additional track meta

Hello everybody,

Im working on an extension to Mopidy, and Im currently adding tracks to the tracklist doing:

tl_tracks = self.core.tracklist.add(uri = uriFromSpotify).get()

I would like to add some additional meta data to each track, like who added the track, where (in the world) was it added from etc, but I haven’t been able to figure our how to accomplish that.

So like accessing the track name, album etc through the track object, I would like to find a way to add custom key value pairs to the track, like for example ‘added_by’ = ‘Someones name’.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot.

Mate, I was writing a question that covered almost exactly the same issue! Did you ever crack this?

I’m hoping to add added_by to the tracklist for my web interface Spotmop and it’d be great if you had some insight into how to achieve this.