Add mopidy-somafm to .dep repo

Please add mopidy-somafm to .deb repository

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I could make Debian packages of a lot more extensions, but then again, most of them only have simple pure Python dependencies, and can easily be installed with sudo pip install Mopidy-.... This includes Mopidy-SomaFM.

Is there a particular reason you want a Debian package of Mopidy-SomaFM?

For three reasons, some organisations only allow installation from apt repositories and consider alternative ways of installing too risky because non-stable installation might occur. (I disagree but that is how it sometimes works.) Secondly, for less advanced users, installing via pip or easy_install is a bridge too for. For them, installation via dpkg or apt-get, or more likely a GUI on top of that, is challenging enough. The last reason is that an updates will be picked up a single apt-get update; apt-get upgrade. Also non-Python dependencies are possible to enforce.

Please also add Mopidy Youtube, see