Youtube uknown url type

I’m not able to stream youtube videos with mopidy…
I have the latest version of youtube-dl installed and tried installing the youtube extension using pip and sudo apt-get…

This is the error I’m getting:

Anyone that can help me please? :slight_smile:

What version of youtube-dl do you have installed? youtube-dl is an optional dependency of pafy so just upgrading pafy doesn’t seem to upgrade youtube-dl, which is not helpful. I’ve just upgraded with pip install -U youtube-dl to version 2017.7.9 which seems to be OK.

$ pip show youtube-dl
Name: youtube-dl
Version: 2017.7.9

In future could you please post text logs rather than screenshots, you’ll find the log files at /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log.

Thanks did a clean reinstall and installed youtube-dl the wayd you showed me before I installed the YouTube extension and now it works as expected!