Use Core API Python

I’d like to use the Core module in Python, but I don’t know/understand what I’m supposed to send as parameters. I have read the docs, but for class mopidy.core.Core(config=None, mixer=None, backends=None, audio=None) i don’t know what is needed as config, mixer, backends and audio…
Does anyone has an example/sample code for me ?
Thanks !

The only example code you are going to find is here because there’s normally no reason you’d want to instantiate a Mopidy Core. Could you explain what you are trying to do here?

I d like to control Mopidy, like playing a playlist, increase the volume, play /pause a track…

Use the python mpd library to do that.

I’ll be able to control Spotify playlists too ?

No, since Spotify playlist support is currently broken in mopidy-spotify. If you try and use mopidy normally you should see that.