UI updates not happening on Mopidy Mobile [Solved]

I’ve been using Mopidy Mobile for at least a year. In the last month or two, I’ve noticed that every time I do something that should result in the UI being updated (eg pressing play should change the button to pause), no update happens unless I drag down to fully refresh the whole UI.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? I don’t think the app has been updated in quite a while, so I’m wondering if it’s related to a change in Mopidy. The only other frontend I use is Musicbox Web Client, which I don’t think has the issue. :thinking:

@jjok:Are you using the Android app or the Web client?

Android. Which hadn’t been updated since whenever you posted that there was a new beta. Version 1.8.3 on the beta channel, which was updated 1 year ago today.

Sorry, cannot confirm. Running Mopidy Mobile 1.8.3 Android App installed from Google Play and Mopidy server 2.1.0 on a Pi 3 B running Raspbian. Haven’t upgraded Raspbian for quite a while, but will report back when that’s done…

@jjok: Stupid question, I guess, but did you check the Mopidy (server) logs? I remember a similar situation where the “Play” button just didn’t seem to work, until I realized I didn’t have the proper Gstreamer plugins installed…
Also there’s a logging functionality in Mopidy Mobile, under “Settings” - anything there?

Upgraded to latest Raspbian, still seems to work ok. Checked with dleyna, podcast, and internetarchive backends and radio stream from M3U.

Actually, I didn’t think to check the logs. How do you even don’t when you’re running as a service? /var/log/mopidy/mopidy-debug.log doesn’t seem to exist.

I haven’t noticed any problems with Mopidy anyway. It feels like it’s purely a UI thing. The UI works, it just doesn’t update. I can press the play button, and it plays, but stays showing a play button until I refresh. Only then does it show as a pause button.

Nothing unusual in the logs. Just the usual:

2018-09-16 22:24:02,000 WARNING [643:MainThread] mopidy.audio.gst: GStreamer warning: gst-stream-error-quark: No volume control found (3)

I don’t think it’s a Mopidy Mobile issue, because Pi Musicbox Web Client seems to behave the same way. It kind of feels like a websockets issue. It gets the initial information when the page/app is refreshed, but then it doesn’t get updates because the socket isn’t connected. Maybe?

What should I see in the web browser Network tab of the console? Should there be a websocket constantly connected? I see this one with a 101 response, but nothing else. Is that correct?

2018-09-16 22:29:36,358 INFO [643:HttpServer] tornado.access: 101 GET /mopidy/ws ( 24.65ms


Oh, I found my logs, by the way.

Ok, so I had Tornado 5 installed. I’ve downgraded to the latest 4 release. I’ll report back.

Yep. Rolling Tornado back fixed the problem. :roll_eyes:

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Good to know. Will have to look into that. Thanks for sharing!

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I was concerned about the various packages going out of date, so I’d been doing some Pip upgrades on the out of date packages. Presumably that’s how it happened.

I’m running on Docker now, so I can keep everything up to date by doing a new build of the image.