Tcpserversink and wavenc

I installed mopidy on a raspberry pi and connected it to a snapcast.
I used following output configuration for the tcpserversink, which I found online in github:
output = audioresample ! audio/x-raw,rate=48000,channels=2,format=S16LE ! audioconvert ! wavenc ! tcpserversink host= port=8999

When I using Iris there are strange behaviors:

  • After a song is over the next stop is playing, but in Iris is see that there is playing another song, because the actual playing song is skipped.
  • Using the song progess bar is not possible, because it will not play anything.
  • stopping and changing a song is not working
  • and there are more example.

However, I removed the wavenc from my configuration and it just worked afterwards. Which is nice, but I don’t understand this. Can somebody explain this to me?

Further, I don’t know if this is now changing the quality of the audio stream?