Sticky "404" redirect issue after fiddling with nginx and docker

I spent the last few nights playing with the Raspberry Pi docker swarm I scrapped up out of unused RPi3s and managed to spin up some “virtual” mopidy servers in the swarm. There were multiple issues with networking, nginx and websockets, but using this forum, I found solutions for all of them.

Well, all of them but one:

  • Currently I have two mopidy containers running as services. Both are behind the same nginx configs (separated by server name) with a very similar (different allowed in http and different login for spotify) config.
  • One of them works as expected (the one on port 16680 behind the nginx) - and one keeps throwing “404 not found” when accessed at root URL (“lila.igor/”). It does work, however, when accessed via “lila.igor/mopidy” as well as the web-frontends. If I look at the git repo, it seems like just the redirect is broken.

I removed and rebuilt my containers and images, i copied the data folder from the working one to the weird one, I deleted and rebuilt the (copied) nginx config - but nothing changed. → It’s a “sticky 404” :face_with_monocle:

So - it’s not urgent, but could someone provide me a hint on where to look? I’m puzzled…

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