Start Mopidy not completing

I’ve installed Mopidy on macOS using brew. When I attempt to start mopidy, the process does not complete.

INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,141 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.__main__
  Starting Mopidy 3.0.2
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,147 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loading entry point: file = mopidy.file:Extension
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,148 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loaded extension: Mopidy-File 3.0.2
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,148 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loading entry point: http = mopidy.http:Extension
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,149 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loaded extension: Mopidy-HTTP 3.0.2
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,149 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loading entry point: m3u = mopidy.m3u:Extension
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,150 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loaded extension: Mopidy-M3U 3.0.2
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,150 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loading entry point: softwaremixer = mopidy.softwaremixer:Extension
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,150 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loaded extension: Mopidy-SoftwareMixer 3.0.2
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,150 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loading entry point: stream =
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,150 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Loaded extension: Mopidy-Stream 3.0.2
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,150 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Discovered extensions: file, http, m3u, softwaremixer, stream
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,156 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.config.keyring
  Fetching passwords from your keyring failed. Any passwords stored in the keyring will not be available. (dbus not installed)
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,156 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.config
  Loading config from builtin defaults
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,157 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.config
  Loading config from file:///private/etc/xdg/mopidy/mopidy.conf failed; it does not exist
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,157 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.config
  Loading config from file:///Users/jamesgargette/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,157 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.config
  Loading config from command line options
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,201 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Validating extension: file
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,202 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Validating extension: http
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,558 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Validating extension: m3u
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,559 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Validating extension: softwaremixer
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,560 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.ext
  Validating extension: stream
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,561 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.__main__
  Enabled extensions: http, softwaremixer, m3u, file, stream
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,561 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.__main__
  Disabled extensions: none
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,768 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Available Mopidy mixers: SoftwareMixer
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,768 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Starting Mopidy mixer: SoftwareMixer
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,769 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Mixer volume left unchanged
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,769 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Starting Mopidy audio
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,771 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Starting Mopidy backends: FileBackend, M3UBackend, StreamBackend
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,771 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.file.library
  Failed expanding path ($XDG_MUSIC_DIR) from file/media_dirs config value.
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,783 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Starting Mopidy core
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,787 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Starting Mopidy frontends: HttpFrontend
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,787 [79458:MainThread]
  Starting HTTP server
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,787 [79458:HttpFrontend-8]
  HTTP server running at [::ffff:]:6680
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,788 [79458:MainThread] mopidy.commands
  Starting GLib mainloop
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,793 [79458:HttpFrontend-8] mopidy.zeroconf
  Zeroconf service None (_http._tcp at []:6680): dbus not installed; publish failed.
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,793 [79458:HttpFrontend-8] mopidy.zeroconf
  Zeroconf service None (_mopidy-http._tcp at []:6680): dbus not installed; publish failed.
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,793 [79458:HttpServer]
  Loaded HTTP extension: mopidy
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,794 [79458:HttpServer]
  Default webclient is mopidy
DEBUG    2020-10-15 21:36:49,794 [79458:HttpServer]
  HTTP routes from extensions: 
    '/mopidy': <class 'mopidy.http.handlers.AddSlashHandler'>
    '/mopidy/ws/?': <class 'mopidy.http.handlers.WebSocketHandler'>
    '/mopidy/rpc': <class 'mopidy.http.handlers.JsonRpcHandler'>
    '/mopidy/(.+)': <class 'mopidy.http.handlers.StaticFileHandler'>
    '/mopidy/': <class 'mopidy.http.handlers.ClientListHandler'>
    '/': <class 'tornado.web.RedirectHandler'>
INFO     2020-10-15 21:36:49,800 [79458:Audio-2]
  Audio output set to "autoaudiosink"

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! audioresample ! autoaudiosink does return a sound.

the command gst-inspect-1.0

videotestsrc: videotestsrc: Video test source

cutter: cutter: Audio cutter

goom2k1: goom2k1: GOOM: what a GOOM! 2k1 edition

oss4: oss4sink: OSS v4 Audio Sink

oss4: oss4src: OSS v4 Audio Source

avi: avidemux: Avi demuxer

avi: avimux: Avi muxer

avi: avisubtitle: Avi subtitle parser

autodetect: autovideosink: Auto video sink

autodetect: autovideosrc: Auto video source

autodetect: autoaudiosink: Auto audio sink

autodetect: autoaudiosrc: Auto audio source

shout2: shout2send: Icecast network sink

pango: textoverlay: Text overlay

pango: timeoverlay: Time overlay

pango: clockoverlay: Clock overlay

pango: textrender: Text renderer

audioconvert: audioconvert: Audio converter

coretracers: latency (GstTracerFactory)

coretracers: log (GstTracerFactory)

coretracers: rusage (GstTracerFactory)

coretracers: stats (GstTracerFactory)

coretracers: leaks (GstTracerFactory)

rtsp: rtspsrc: RTSP packet receiver

rtsp: rtpdec: RTP Decoder

rtpmanager: rtpbin: RTP Bin

rtpmanager: rtpjitterbuffer: RTP packet jitter-buffer

rtpmanager: rtpptdemux: RTP Demux

rtpmanager: rtpsession: RTP Session

rtpmanager: rtprtxqueue: RTP Retransmission Queue

rtpmanager: rtprtxreceive: RTP Retransmission receiver

rtpmanager: rtprtxsend: RTP Retransmission Sender

rtpmanager: rtpssrcdemux: RTP SSRC Demux

rtpmanager: rtpmux: RTP muxer

rtpmanager: rtpdtmfmux: RTP muxer

rtpmanager: rtpfunnel: RTP funnel

typefindfunctions: video/x-ms-asf: asf, wm, wma, wmv

typefindfunctions: audio/x-musepack: mpc, mpp, mp+

typefindfunctions: audio/x-au: au, snd

typefindfunctions: video/x-msvideo: avi

typefindfunctions: audio/qcelp: qcp

typefindfunctions: video/x-cdxa: dat

typefindfunctions: video/x-vcd: dat

typefindfunctions: audio/x-imelody: imy, ime, imelody

typefindfunctions: application/x-scc: scc

typefindfunctions: application/x-mcc: mcc

typefindfunctions: audio/midi: mid, midi

typefindfunctions: audio/riff-midi: mid, midi

typefindfunctions: audio/mobile-xmf: mxmf

typefindfunctions: video/x-fli: flc, fli

typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v2: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta

typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v1: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta

typefindfunctions: application/x-apetag: mp3, ape, mpc, wv

typefindfunctions: audio/x-ttafile: tta

typefindfunctions: audio/x-mod: 669, amf, ams, dbm, digi, dmf, dsm, gdm, far, imf, it, j2b, mdl, med, mod, mt2, mtm, okt, psm, ptm, sam, s3m, stm, stx, ult, umx, xm

typefindfunctions: audio/mpeg: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga

typefindfunctions: audio/x-ac3: ac3, eac3

typefindfunctions: audio/x-dts: dts

typefindfunctions: audio/x-gsm: gsm

typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-sys: mpe, mpeg, mpg

typefindfunctions: video/mpegts: ts, mts

typefindfunctions: application/ogg: ogg, oga, ogv, ogm, ogx, spx, anx, axa, axv

typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-elementary: mpv, mpeg, mpg

typefindfunctions: video/mpeg4: m4v

typefindfunctions: video/x-h263: h263, 263

typefindfunctions: video/x-h264: h264, x264, 264

typefindfunctions: video/x-h265: h265, x265, 265

typefindfunctions: video/x-nuv: nuv

typefindfunctions: audio/x-m4a: m4a


mopidy config


cache_dir = $XDG_CACHE_DIR/mopidy
config_dir = $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/mopidy
data_dir = $XDG_DATA_DIR/mopidy
max_tracklist_length = 10000
restore_state = false

verbosity = 0
format = %(levelname)-8s %(asctime)s [%(process)d:%(threadName)s] %(name)s\n %(message)s
color = true
config_file =

mixer = software
mixer_volume =
output = autoaudiosink
buffer_time =

scheme =
hostname =
port =
username =
password =


enabled = true
media_dirs =
excluded_file_extensions =
show_dotfiles = false
follow_symlinks = false
metadata_timeout = 1000

enabled = true
hostname =
port = 6680
zeroconf = Mopidy HTTP server on $hostname
allowed_origins =
csrf_protection = true
default_app = mopidy

enabled = true
base_dir =
default_encoding = latin-1
default_extension = .m3u8
playlists_dir =

enabled = true

enabled = true
protocols =
metadata_blacklist =
timeout = 5000

Looks like Mopidy has started up and is running, which is good. Did you read ? Which method are you using?

Thanks, so all good? I couldn’t find a way to check that it was running
I’m running in terminal for now.