Soundcloud backend playlists

hi all,
my Problem is that in the Playlists in soundcloud does not Show up.
i already read Soundcloud playlists
so i started to dig deeper: backend api
i can not find the method as_list in the backend and ist playlist Provider
in the soundcloud Extension source Code on github

Can someone please tell me if i my thoughts are right, please? if that is the Point i will start to create a Playlists Provider for soundcloud backend.

I don’t use soundcloud so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work, but are they not exposed under the browse interface?

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
What webinterface do you mean? In i can see me playlist. In mopidy i dont see the playlists. If i use the javacript class du query the existing playlist only the spotify one shows up. But the search is working in soundcloud, too. I get result from soundcloud and can play them.

In mopidy-soundcloud github i cant see any playlist provider and any “as_list” function. This is required to show playlists from the backend in mopidy, isnt it?

If this is the issue i will try to implement it :slight_smile: already checked the Soundcloud api and mopidy-soundcloud source code.