Scrobbler not in library list

Hi all,

i’m a new user of mopidy.
I have installed mopidy on raspberry Pi0W powered by raspbian (buster lite 201909-26) and hifibery AMP2.
All works fine and i can listen radios from TuneIn but not from scrobbler.

looking at logs seems that scrobbler is loaded correctly
2019-11-03 17:17:39,369 INFO [411:ScrobblerFrontend-13] mopidy_scrobbler.frontend: Scrobbler connected to

But in library i can’t see scrobbler.

What i’m missing ?

Michele don’t offer a music streaming API. The scrobbler extension literally just scrobbles (submits) your play history to

Ops, my fault. Sorry.

Thanks a lot for your support.