Playlist vs. Tracklist


I have problems understanding the playlist and tracklist concept.

My understanding is that the tracklist is a queue of tracks to be played. Is a playlist the same as a track, so that a tracklist can contain tracks as well as playlists? But what does next_track in this case? Playing the next track in the current playlist or playing the next track in the tracklist (i.e. skipping current playlist and playing nect track/playlist)?

But than I don’t understand the documentation tracklist controller, where it is stated that with random set to true, tracks are selected at random from the playlist. I thought that tracks are played by random from the tracklist.

You’re entirely right. The tracklist is the queue of tracks to be played. (The term “tracklist” is taken from the MPRIS spec.)

A playlist contains tracks. When a playlist is scheduled for playback, it is only the tracks of the playlist that is added to the tracklist. There is no connection from the tracklist back to the playlist.

As to the documentation, that’s probably remnants from a long time ago, when we used to all the tracklist the “current playlist”. I’ll make sure to update it :slight_smile: