Newbee question: uri 'None' - usage in browse() function

Hi there,

I am a total newbee in both, Mopidy.js and javascript development.
Currently, I am simply trying to browse my library through the Chrome console and cannot get any results from mopidy.library.browse(uri).

The docs ( say

To get the intial root directories for backends pass None as the URI.

Could anyone please give me a working example? I only have the file and local extension installed, and my library contains few albums (I verified with the Iris frontend, that these albums are successfully loaded into the library. I am also seeing results, when I call ’{'any': ['a']}, ['local:'])'; ).
I am using the default value callingConvention: “by-position-only”.

I tried…
mopidy.library.browse('None'); // error "Expected a valid URI, not u'None'"
mopidy.library.browse('dummy:None'); // empty result
mopidy.library.browse('local:None'); // empty result
mopidy.library.browse('local:/None'); // empty result
mopidy.library.browse('local://None'); // empty result
mopidy.library.browse('local:'); // empty result
mopidy.library.browse('local:/'); // empty result
mopidy.library.browse('local://'); // empty result

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and best regards

The docs are written for Python. The equivalent of Python’s None in Javascript is null.

There are numerous working examples of other webclients on github, one example is

You should install the API explorer frontend extension for some more examples.

Our documentation warns you don’t use that calling convention.

Hi @kingosticks,

thanks for your reply and the good hints! That helped.

Best regards