Mopidy+snapcast+shairport broken

Hi all

Now I am sure this is more of a shairport-sync and/or snapcast issue, but I would like to see if anyone else has this working on their setup.

Briefly, I have mopidy with snapcast server working perfectly including for raspotify. But not for shairport-sync. If I do not try to send audio from shairport-sync to snapcast, airplay works fine, but the only way I have managed to get shairport to work with snapcast is to add a pipe backend. Now this then breaks all other audio on mopidy! I have tried numerous solutions including stdout for shairport but nothing works.

I would be grateful for some ideas to help troubleshoot this issue and I’m still learning how to use a raspberry pi and the Linux OS so am frustrated I’ve come so far and cannot make this work.