Improve support for attachments in private messages

Sometimes, it is convenient/necessary for debugging purposes to exchange media files between users and Mopidy/extension developers. Rather than post these on Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar cloud or file-sharing services, I would prefer to exchange these directly on this forum via private messages, since I put a certain amount of trust in the operators of this forum :wink:

Now, there’s already an Upload button in the interface, but from what I see content is limited to image files, and there’s also a size limit which is insufficient for high-quality audio files. I guess it would be possible to change that; however, i’m aware there are some legal issues to this, too…

It looks like we can add file extensions that are allowed, or a wildcard to allow anything. The current image upload limit is 3MB and the current non-image limit is 1MB.

That said, I’m a bit skeptical. How will we make sure that people don’t use the forum to share music illegally in private, without spending lots of time snooping around in the admin panel and/or database?

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant by “legal issues”; if nobody can come up with a good idea how to manage this, leave it as is. Didn’t mean to turn this forum into a file-sharing platform :wink: