How to personalize the website on my musicbox


I’d like to know if it’s possible to personalize the website which I use to control my musicbox. For example, insert a logo, translate the texts or something else


The ‘website’ that you are referring to will differ depending on which Mopidy HTTP client you are using.

Assuming it is Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient, you may be able to fork that repository and customize index.html to change logos etc.

Translations are not supported yet, but this feature has already been requested and some ideas on how this could eventually be done is available at

Ideally, we will one day be able to support multiple pluggable themes using jQuery theme roller as described in, after which it should be much easier for users to create their own themes.

Thank you very much
But, If I can change the file index.html, I will be able to change the texts and make my own translate. It’s right, isn’t it?

Yes, and probably a bunch of the JavaScript files located under static/js as well as that’s where a lot of the UI rendering is done.

It is not a very elegant solution though, and you will lose all of your changes when you upgrade to the next release of MMW.