HiFiStreamer - Mopidy based network audio streamer

I started a new project called HiFiStreamer which is basically a network audio streamer based on Mopidy. This is actually a full Linux distribution LibreELEC. My main focus is audio quality and playback, since I really liked the Mopidy-Iris UI I have embedded it inside my player. The streamer currently is targeted for x86-64. Some features I have implemented:

  • Playback from Local storage and mass storage devices
  • Flawless integration with TIDAL Premium
  • The main UI is available on the main display and via a web browser
  • Optimized GStreamer build for audio quality

Website : hifistreamer.org
Github : GitHub - orenskl/HiFiStreamer: An Audiophile open source streamer based on a Just enough OS Linux distribution and Mopidy

You are welcome to download and experiment - 10x

Cool! I’m curious, can you give some more details regarding the “Optimized GStreamer build for audio quality”?

I have built GStreamer only with Lossless codecs (e.g. FLAC) and without the resampling plugin, so in order to playback audio your DAC parameters must mach the source stream (i.e. same bitrate). I know this is kind of a limitation and eventually I will have to remove it since I would also like to support non HiFi / HiRes sources.

Another way you might find interesting is the work at Support DSD native (#972) · Issues · GStreamer / gst-plugins-base · GitLab

Thanks, I will definitely check this out.