Frontend and webapp(tornado) talking within an extension

Hey guys, I am new to the forum,
I found mopidy few month ago, and I am really impressed by the software ! impressive job !
Currently trying to develop an extension for it (

I can’t find a good solution for the following problem.

  • the extension has two part: a frontend and a web app.
    The frontend is listening to a serial port and some information is extracted (stored).

In some of the web app tornado request handler (addradiohandler), I need to get infos from the frontend (in this case, the value of a potentiometer)
therefore, the frontend has a thread listening via zeromq for query from the webapp.

It works well, but I don’t like using zero MQ (the final purpose is to use a RPi, and zeroMQ is not easy to install on RPi)

Is there any simple way to use something like Queue between the frontend and the handlers ?

Thank you very much !