Disabled extension gmusic: Dependency mock

Hello All,

I just did a fresh install of mopidy, I then ran the gmusic extension install.

Now i get a error this error “INFO Disabled extension gmusic: Dependency mock>=0.7.0 not found”

i did a sudo apt-get install mock
and pip install mock

but i still get this error. what am i doing wrong?

For apt I’m guessing it’s probably sudo apt-get install python-mock.

I can say i did not do

sudo apt-get install python-mock

once i did that i got a error that i was missing python-oauth2client, and now i need to install python-proboscis

i feel like this is a rabbit hole. I will keep trudging on but thanks for that sudo command.

I think you need to exactly paste the commands you are doing since it’s not altogether clear. Also paste the output of mopidy deps.

For reference pip install mopidy-gmusic worked fine for me and mopidy loaded the extension just fine (once I had downgraded requests to 2.7.0).

yah i re did the entire install now it works thanks