Deezer extension removed

Hey. Deezer have requested that the mopidy-deezer be removed, so it’s no longer available on Github.

Here’s the letter:

That’s sad, I guess you can’t mess with a “formidable presence”!

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I’ve just cancelled my Deezer subscription. Should I go for Spotify?
I get the impression that there on ongoing problems with that extension too. Is that right?

There are less problems and the problems are solvable if someone were inclined to fix them. Plus you should be able to get a free/cheap trial with both Spotify and gmusic.

The thing that amuses me is the “extremely high level encryption” part. How does the Mopidy-Deezer extension compromise Deezer at all? It’s completely unrelated to the request, a bit of hand-waving by someone who either doesn’t understand technology or is interested in fooling someone who doesn’t.


I think the problem is that they were replying on the encryption of the Flash web player, rather than any actual user authentication. Konstantin, who wrote the plugin, decompiled the Flash player to work out how to decrypt the audio and that meant that all you had to do was enter a user ID (anyone’s ID, probably), to be able to play any of their tracks.