Critial error message / gst_tag_list_add_id3_image: assertion 'image_data_len > 0' failed

Hi all,

I’m running mopidy 1.1.1

While scanning and playing FLAC files in media_dir, Mopidy gives critical error

** (mopidy:1235): CRITICAL **: gst_tag_list_add_id3_image: assertion ‘image_data_len > 0’ failed

but scanning files finished properly and no sound error happen on playing files.
It works properly, just only critical messages.

Can I stop the message displayed if there is no significant reason to display them
and why I got the error?

Thank you.

This message is from somewhere deep inside GStreamer, so there isn’t really much we can do about it. On the bright side we are finally upgrading away from GStreamer 0.10 which hopefully will solve this and a bunch of other issues.