Cant save playlists in MPDroid or Droid MPD

Both MPDroid and Droid MPD have an option to save playlists. I can save a playlist from either app, and the app doesn’t throw an error or indicate that there’s a problem, but then I can’t find the playlist anywhere to retrieve it. I’m not sure if these apps are supposed to save the information locally, or create a playlist file on the server. Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem to be working. Has anyone had any success with creating playlists on these apps, or any other android app?

Right now it seems like the only way to create a playlist is to ssh into my MusicBox and write one by hand. Is there any easier way to do this? Just being able to turn the current queue into a playlist would be nice.

The old version of Mopidy that is currently used in Musicbox does not support playlist creation/modification at all. The very latest version of Mopidy does support it via HTTP but not via MPD (but it’s very nearly there). All these things should be available in the next version of Musicbox

Thanks! That will be a big improvement. Writing playlists by hand for the alarmclock plugin has been a pain.