Can't install on YunoHost

I’m trying to install Mopidy on YunoHost from Github and I see these errors:

The server closed the connection instead of answering it, has nginx been restarted by error? (Error code/message: 0 error)

The SSOwat configuration has been generated

The operation ‘Install ‘mopidy’ application’ has failed! To get help, please provide the full log of this operation by clicking here

/usr/share/yunohost/helpers.d/setting: line 40: value: unbound variable

Packagers /!\ : ‘app checkurl’ is deprecated ! Please use the helper ‘ynh_webpath_register’ instead !

‘yunohost app checkurl’ is deprecated and will be removed in the future

Installing application mopidy…

Can anyone help me understand what the problem with installation, please?
I spent many hours to Google it and didn’t find any solutions.

I have absolutely no idea what yunohost is and none of the files or errors sound like they come from Mopidy. This sounds like a problem for yunohost folks.

OK I see I will ask them