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Can .htaccess use to make it so only certain ip's can have access to Iris

I have been having issues trying to find a way to set up a password system for iris or only letting certain ips have access can anyone help?

Mopidy doesn’t use Apache as the web server, so you wouldn’t be able use .htaccess to do that.
I believe the Mopidy uses Tornado as the server, but it’s not something I’ve ever looked into. I have no idea if there’s a way to configure it yourself.

Anyone able to access the web server can use the full core API of Mopidy. Thus, you probably only want to make the web server available from your local network or place it behind a web proxy which takes care of user authentication. You have been warned.

Could you not use htaccess with an Apache reverse proxy? I’ve genuinely no idea but sounds like a common use case.

Yes, I think so. I hadn’t read the suggestion to use a proxy server at that point.