Autostart playlist after boot

I am trying to get MusicBox pi to playing a loccaly stored playlist at startup after boot. Whatever syntax I put in the correspondig line in “settings” page neither directly in the mopidiy.inf works.

The playlist to start would be:

What should be the syntax local:…?

Can I put arguments to is, so the list starts “random” and “repeat” activated?



The autostart functionality tries to add a URI. You need to load a stored playlist. So you’ll need to edit the bit at the end of /opt/musicbox/ that controls this. This would also be the only way to enable repeat and random mode.

Im having the exact same issue - did you ever find a solution to the original question Werner?


I saw something at that suggests that you might have to look up the tracks for the playlist first before adding them with a separate call.

Actually just doing mpc load <playlist name>; mpc play should also work.

Running mpc lsplaylists will provide a listing of all of the available playlists that can be played.