Audio output problems

running Mopidy/Iris on raspberry pi 4 with hifiberry DAC + pro for audio output.

here is sequence of events, showing the problem :slight_smile:

  1. boot up Rpi4, open Chromium browser, with 2 tabs open - one for the IRIS, one for a radio stations streaming music (
  2. First go to the website, and click to play the streaming output -> everything is OK, music audio output as expected. Stop the music stream and audio halts.
  3. go to the IRIS tab on the browser, click on Albums, select an album, select a song and start playing music -> everything is OK, music audio output as expected. Stop the playback of the song, audio stops.
  4. NOW go back to the browser tab for the on-line music radio station ( , but now when clicking to start playback of the music, the website says it is playing, but NO audio output from the hifiberry DAC+pro.
  5. if go back to the IRIS tab, nusic will still play fine.
  6. the only way to get back to getting audio output on the tab for the online radio station, is to REBOOT the Rpi4.

Any advice on solving this is appreciated.

I have a feeling that when you pause on Iris it doesn’t let go of the soundcard. If you can ssh in try with mpc stop and see if that makes a difference.

Alternatively try with mopidymobile, that looks as though it has a stop button

If @Steve_Lambert is right (I suspect he is) then one solution is to modify your system’s asound.conf file to configure alsa to use the dmix plugin. I think there are example configs on here already if you search.