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ANNOUNCEMENT: beets-local for mopidy v1.0

Just released a new version for beets-local that works with mopidy v1.0

Tested to work with ncmpcpp, remotedy and mopidy-mobile.

moped has an issue with not listing the albums when browsing an artist. Other clients do.
I welcome any idea what the issue might be.

Mopidy-BeetsLocal uses beets internal core api to present a local music collection to mopidy clients.
It is different from mopidy-beets as it does not require a beets web process running in the background. This greatly reduces error-prone complexity. Local tracks are not streamed but accessed as local files. Distributed setups are still possible via network file shares.

Using beets internal core api allows for more advanced queries. For example it is now possible to query beets for genre etc.
In theory all of beets fields can be queried, although when querying together with other backends queries need to be limited to the fields mopidy knows about.

It also returns a last_modified track parameter. This allows clients that maintain their own collection repository like rompr to update the collection in a more effective way.