UI updates not happening on Mopidy Mobile


I’ve been using Mopidy Mobile for at least a year. In the last month or two, I’ve noticed that every time I do something that should result in the UI being updated (eg pressing play should change the button to pause), no update happens unless I drag down to fully refresh the whole UI.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? I don’t think the app has been updated in quite a while, so I’m wondering if it’s related to a change in Mopidy. The only other frontend I use is Musicbox Web Client, which I don’t think has the issue. :thinking:


@jjok:Are you using the Android app or the Web client?


Android. Which hadn’t been updated since whenever you posted that there was a new beta. Version 1.8.3 on the beta channel, which was updated 1 year ago today.


Sorry, cannot confirm. Running Mopidy Mobile 1.8.3 Android App installed from Google Play and Mopidy server 2.1.0 on a Pi 3 B running Raspbian. Haven’t upgraded Raspbian for quite a while, but will report back when that’s done…


@jjok: Stupid question, I guess, but did you check the Mopidy (server) logs? I remember a similar situation where the “Play” button just didn’t seem to work, until I realized I didn’t have the proper Gstreamer plugins installed…
Also there’s a logging functionality in Mopidy Mobile, under “Settings” - anything there?


Upgraded to latest Raspbian, still seems to work ok. Checked with dleyna, podcast, and internetarchive backends and radio stream from M3U.


Actually, I didn’t think to check the logs. How do you even don’t when you’re running as a service? /var/log/mopidy/mopidy-debug.log doesn’t seem to exist.

I haven’t noticed any problems with Mopidy anyway. It feels like it’s purely a UI thing. The UI works, it just doesn’t update. I can press the play button, and it plays, but stays showing a play button until I refresh. Only then does it show as a pause button.


Nothing unusual in the logs. Just the usual:

2018-09-16 22:24:02,000 WARNING [643:MainThread] mopidy.audio.gst: GStreamer warning: gst-stream-error-quark: No volume control found (3)

I don’t think it’s a Mopidy Mobile issue, because Pi Musicbox Web Client seems to behave the same way. It kind of feels like a websockets issue. It gets the initial information when the page/app is refreshed, but then it doesn’t get updates because the socket isn’t connected. Maybe?

What should I see in the web browser Network tab of the console? Should there be a websocket constantly connected? I see this one with a 101 response, but nothing else. Is that correct?

2018-09-16 22:29:36,358 INFO [643:HttpServer] tornado.access: 101 GET /mopidy/ws ( 24.65ms


Oh, I found my logs, by the way.