Strange sound on mpeg4 aac stream

I’ve installed mopidy on rasbian buster and launched some streams. Some of them were working fine, whereas one (my favorite :() was not working at all. That was because it needed mpeg4 aac decoder. I’ve installed gstreamer plugins bad and good, restarted mopidy and it started to work, but unfortunately loudness is at least half as of the other streams and sound is strange. Like somebody set the treble to max and bass to min.
Does anybody know what can I do to fix that?
Best regards!

Here you can listen to the sound at the beginning is the broken steam with soundbar’s volume set to 12, max on mopidy, at the end
proper stream, soundbar’s volume 7, 10% on mopidy.

Stream is working fine on other devices.

“Broken” stream url is