Spotify login error: <ErrorType.USER_NEEDS_PREMIUM: 15>

Hello all, my pi on buster has been working steadily for a while and suddenly it has stopped working.

I reinstalled everything, from the pip method i get python errors so i installed from apt

In Iris i can see my playlists, and in the settings i can see “authorized” for spotify and default is “connected”

any ideas on how to resolve?

my config is this: it said i cannot post links when i copy the whole text in :frowning:

this looks to be an issue with spotify, not sure if it’s libspotify specifically, or spotify as a whole

fwiw, i’m also getting spotify auth errors locally when trying to play/stream spotify tracks. even though spotify-web auth is fine

 Session must be logged in and online to load objects: <ConnectionState.LOGGED_OUT: 0>

sorry for the chained thread here, looks like spotify is reporting incorrectly and saying I don’t have premium (I do)

mopidy_1  | DEBUG    2022-05-16 15:19:49,575 [8:SpotifyBackend-4] mopidy_spotify.web
mopidy_1  |   Fetching OAuth token from
mopidy_1  | DEBUG    2022-05-16 15:19:49,575 [8:SoftwareMixer-1] mopidy.listener
mopidy_1  |   Sending volume_changed to MixerListener: {'volume': 15}
mopidy_1  | ERROR    2022-05-16 15:19:49,816 [8:SpotifyEventLoop] spotify.session
mopidy_1  |   Spotify login error: <ErrorType.USER_NEEDS_PREMIUM: 15>
mopidy_1  | DEBUG    2022-05-16 15:19:49,816 [8:SpotifyEventLoop] mopidy_spotify.backend
mopidy_1  |   Logged out of Spotify
mopidy_1  | DEBUG    2022-05-16 15:19:49,817 [8:SpotifyEventLoop] mopidy_spotify.backend
mopidy_1  |   Logged out of Spotify
mopidy_1  | DEBUG    2022-05-16 15:19:50,945 [8:SpotifyBackend-4] mopidy_spotify.web
mopidy_1  |   Token expires in 3600 seconds.
mopidy_1  | DEBUG    2022-05-16 15:19:50,945 [8:SpotifyBackend-4] mopidy_spotify.web
mopidy_1  |   Token scopes: playlist-read-private playlist-read-collaborative streaming user-library-read user-follow-read user-library-modify playlist-modify-private playlist-modify-public user-read-recently-played user-read-private user-top-read
mopidy_1  | INFO     2022-05-16 15:19:51,257 [8:SpotifyBackend-4] mopidy_spotify.web
mopidy_1  |   Logged into Spotify Web API as ***********

Yes, unfortunately Spotify disabled libspotify today, see Sunset of libspotify on May 16, 2022 | Spotify for Developers. There’s currently no workaround for Mopidy-Spotify.

It’s possible that if we could patch the system_information_string being used in libspotify’s ClientResponseEncrypted that might be enough. But I’m not sure if that’s possible/realisitic to do… And I don’t time to spend trying right now. Time is probably better spent moving to something based on librespot.

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This is so extremely sad!
I spend 100s of hours development time in my project relying on that connection.
Always hoped they never stop supporting it.
It’s so idiotic. What’s there benefit cutting this channel off!?

Presumably their cash flow problems are so bad they’ve had to sell off the machine hosting it. Who knows! Be sure to tell them what you think about this. And tell them what you think about their lack of replacement library, they’ve had 7 years to work on it.

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yeh i like my little pi hooked up to my nice speaker system being a headless setup and all

it is a pity about this, but i wish you good luck and will donate somewhere, even if i lose track of all the different components :frowning:

An alternative right now is librespot. And there’s a packaged easy to install version for Raspberry Pi called Raspotify. You can control it headlessly through Spotify Connect (it’s actually the only way to control it). But then you lose support for multiple sources (e.g. local, yotube, soundcloud etc). Might be good enough for some.

Do you think their Forums is a good feedback channel? I started a topic: Sunset of libspotify. Please reconsider. - The Spotify Community

Please add your feedback as well. The more the better!

For myself Spotify connect is not enough. I have to steam and control the playback with my raspberry.

Although they made a mess of it (turns out this move also killed their old Apple and Android SDKs, which they forgot to mention) I doubt they’ll do a u-turn. It’s embarrassing enough as it is.

its so sad the story of how their kids music no longer works :frowning:

As I am only using Spotify in mopidy, I will cancel their subscription and look for another music service, compatible with mopidy.


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You could try Mopidy-Tidal. I think Tidal often have a month free trial promotion.

Does mopidy-tidal work fine?

I am afraid I don’t know. Ask the maintainer.


I am not able to use mopidy for like almost a week. Is there any hotfix yet?


I’d be interested in hearing how that goes, if you try it. I only switched back to Spotify when Deezer killed the Mopidy backend.

I don’t think a hotfix is expected. I think it will be a full rewrite of the Spotify backend.

I am testing mopidy-tidal. It is working, except that Tidal’s playlists are not returned from method “core.playlists.as_list” (only local and spotify’s playlists are listed).

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