Slot based multi user mopidy setup

Is there an existing extension for the following use case :

Alice, Bob and Carol want to listen to music together and agree to choose the music played one song at a time in rotation. They each choose their songs, either on separate devices (eg. phones that have access to the web interface), or by passing the device to each other in rotation. A kind of slot based approach.

I think might have some base features to start off.

How does mopidy-party fall short of providing the first described situation? And isn’t the 2nd situation already provided? I’m not sure I understand what’s missing.

@kingosticks thanks for your answer. Am discussing this upstream with the author of the plugin Some concepts are already there, but it might require a new plugin and/or an adaptation.

Am checking in the forum to avoid re-implementing something that already exists.

I am just unclear on what you would be actually implementing to support the 2nd situation.