RIP Theremin (not working with 0.19.4)

Just found that good old Theremin is not working with Mopidy 0.19.4 any more.
It tries to get a connection and fails.
This is just to let you know in case you want to update the documentation.

Have there been any changes to Theremin in ages?

If there was something we did that causes Theremin to stop working, we can probably revert it.

AFAIK Theremin is unmaintained for years.
I did no update and it still works with mpd.

Sounds like something worth investigating to see what we do that Theremin doesn’t like. Care to open an issue in the mopidy repo?
On a related note, do you know of any more up to date graphical clients for OS X?

OK, will do.
If you do not count the emacs package mingus, i do not know of any other up to date graphical clients for OS X.
Which is why i still like Theremin.

For the record, here’s the bug report:

Looks alive. Last commit 24 days ago