No remote control on same WiFi

I’m running Mopidy on an old laptop that’s slow as balls. It has a fast connection, though.

I installed arch linux on it and used the AUR for mopidy, mopidy-mopify, mopidy-spotify, mopidy-gmusic, and mopidy-soundcloud.

I can use it perfectly fine on the old laptop it runs on, using an MPD client and a web client.
However, when I try to access it from another computer on the same WiFi network, it returns an error - it doesn’t connect.

I ran mopidy -v and got some messages relating to HTTP that said dbus was not installed. It certainly is installed.

Do I need to forward some ports on the server? How do I do that?

NOTE: I tried Mopidy on another laptop that’s a bit better (and its 64 bit instead of x86 like the old one) and I was able to access it from other devices no problem (and it didn’t moan about dbus)