Mp3 plays static

I just setup mopidy and things went fairly well. After some user level confusion I got Snapcast working, mostly.

So I don’t know if this is a Mopidy or a Snapcast issue. When I play a radio stream the audio is great, but when I try to play an mp3 all I get is static.

I am running Ubuntu 16.04

When I check installed python I get:

python -V = Python 2.7.12
python3 -V = Python 3.5.2

but when I run mopidy deps I get:

ERROR: Mopidy requires Python 2.7, but found 3.5.2.

I’m not sure why it can’t see Python 2.7 and I don’t know if it’s the cause of the issue.

Here is a link to the output of sudo mopidyctl config:

Here is a link to the Log Output on GitHub Gist:

I don’t see the correct output configuration in your Mopidy config.

Thanks for the catch.
Not sure where I got the config I used…

I’ve updated the mopidy config and will test it

I forgot to update this after updating the config file.

Happy to say it resolved the issue. Thanks for the help

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