Mopidy with different IDs in the process list!?!

Mopidy is only started once, but appeared several times with different IDs in the process list. Is that normal?

Thank you

What command do you run to view the process list?

Can you include the relevant part of the process list output?

With htop. Why so many IDs?

Those are threads, not processes. In other words the memory usage you see there is shared between all the threads, and don’t add up to a gigantic total.

If you press “t” htop will show the processes and threads in a tree view, showing that the mopidy threads belong under a single mopidy process.

If you press F2, then arrow down to “Display options”, then arrow right, then arrow down to “Hide userland threads”, space to select, and F10 to finish, you’ll see that the mopidy threads disappear from the view, leaving a single process.

You’re right. Super, thank you very much. :slight_smile: