Mopidy & Cantata - unable to login

I am struggling to get Cantata to connect to mopidy. The Mopidy is running on a raspberry PI and the Cantata is on a portable linux.

I have setup the mopidy config file mdp section with the PI IP address, port 6600 and the PI password.
I use the same info as above in the config section in Cantata.
But the login is systemically rejected " failed - incorrect password "
But i know the password is right. Any one have an idea where I can look for a solution?
Thank you

Could someone confirm to me if Cantata can work with Mopidy? (My attempts to connect to mopidy fail) Cantata would be very useful as I can create playlists on it. If not, is there a mopidy friendly linux app that can create playlists over a LAN?
Many thanks

Cantata works fine with Mopidy. It’s the best client on Linux I think.

Could you show me where you set it up so that it connects to mopidy, please?
Many thanks

Did you follow the instructions on github?
In other words, added [mpd] to the mopidy.conf?

It works here without issue.