Installing on CentOS 6.5?

Anyone successfully mopidy on CentOS 6.5? This version of CentOS has python 2.6.6 by default and when installing with sudo /usr/local/bin/pip2.7 install I get ImportError: No module named gobject when running mopidy.

I have used Subsonic (musiccabinet) forever as my music server, but I’m now interested in trying mopidy, especially because it has a subsonic extension. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We removed 2.6 support in 0.15 back in September 2013, so you would need to go back to 0.14 unless you have some way of getting 2.7 installed.

Thanks for the answer. I noticed that when browsing the docs, just wanted to start a topic if some fellow CentOS users have managed their way with the newer python version. I indeed have python2.7 installed in /usr/local/bin/python2.7, but fail to start mopidy because the lack of gobject for 2.7. It seems it’s rather complicated task to get this to work…

Yeah, you would need to figure out how to build your own python2.7 gobject bindings. To be honest you might be better of just creating a virtual machine with an OS with 2.7 properly supported even though it’s kinda a silly way of solving it.

FYI, ended up installing Fedora 22. :smile: