Initial scan problems on raspberry pi


I’m working on getting Mopidy set up on my raspberry pi. I’m using the latest version of raspbian, mopidy, and have the mopidy-sqlite extension enabled. While doing the initial scan for local files (mopidy local scan), it is timing out on many many files. I have the timeout set at 3000ms. Also, it is taking quite a while (but not totally ridiculous).

Two questions:

  1. If I wait for the scan to complete, is it possible that I’ll be able to pick up the timed-out tracks with an additional scan? I’m new to mopidy, so I’m hoping that if I scan again, it will just update the database and not start from scratch.

  2. Could I get around the lengthy initial scan by installing mopidy on a faster computer, building the database there, and then copying it over to the pi?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback.