Gst.ElementFactory.make returns None

In the _setup_playbin function here, the playbin object returned is set to None and this causes some tests to fail.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Can you check python-gst package is installed? (see

I installed it and now I get the issue ValueError: Namespace GstPbutils not available.

I think the fact you had to install it manually shows something has gotten pretty messed up here and it sounds like there are other Gstreamer dependencies missing. You can see what you should have gotten with a working APT install at

Personally I would start over rather than spend time trying to recover this.

Edit: However, it might just be gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 that you are missing.

So the problem seems to be that I was using Anaconda and it is not picking up the system libraries correctly. I switched to the system python and things work now. Thanks for your help.