Config Issue - only at one parameter

I have an extension and I have a table with the parameters defined.

So in the init module I let my default config file generated and I also do for the schema.

Only for one parameter I get my extension disabled because of:

Found mqfrontend configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
mqfrontend/keepAlive config key not found.
mqfrontend/keepalive unknown config key. Did you mean keepAlive?

I really do not undestand this…
Btw. my Init section:


update: Guess it’s because it’s the only parameter with an Uppercase character ?!

Seems like a trivial experiment to try. Or read the source code.

hmyeah, tried it

def deserialize(self, values):
    """Validates the given ``values`` using the config schema.

    Returns a tuple with cleaned values and errors.
    errors = {}
    result = {}

    for key, value in values.items():
            result[key] = self[key].deserialize(value)
        except KeyError:  # not in our schema
            errors[key] = 'unknown config key.'
            suggestion = _did_you_mean(key, self.keys())
            if suggestion:
                errors[key] += ' Did you mean %s?' % suggestion
        except ValueError as e:  # deserialization failed
            result[key] = None
            errors[key] = str(e)

I tried to use the debugger - but do not know how to start mopidy in idle…

renamed parameter to keep_alive - now it works fine.
Is this an issue ?

You could argue it is but since that name goes against our coding conventions it’s not something that has come up before.

it makes sense to uphold the naming conventions in the ini file - because it makes life easier.
But it would be nicer to have a correct notification…