Can't see my VM/mopidy on my router connection table

I have mopidy running on a ubuntu server VM hosted on Virtual Box on Windoz.

From within ubuntu, I can ping my router ( and the pings acks return in 1-2 ms.
When I look at my router connection table, I don’t see the ubuntu VM registered as a connection.
Suggestions on how to fix this, and how to config mopidy is appreciated.

Hi, There are multiple ways virtual machines can be configured to access your network and that isn’t really anything to do with Mopidy. So while I appreciate you might only be running this VM to use Mopidy, this probably isn’t the best place to ask VM-specific networking questions. I would suggest you take a look at whatever documentation Virtual Box has, or try some google searches. But off the top of my head, to get started, I would assume you want to have some kind of bridged network so that the VM guest (Ubuntu) appears as it’s own network device, rather than sharing the host’s network device (NAT mode?).